Paul Poiret freed the upper half of the female body, but they messed up. He created the infamous "lame skirt", which greatly narrowed the hem that its owner was forced to mince. In this ensemble complete freedom and it is probably very comfortable. Althought the figure in this case can be found. Bow on the location from which the legs grow another satin bank in the middle of his chest, trying to keep just about ready to escape the "Shanghai leopard" (remember Ilf and Petrov "12 chairs"?). Yellow brooch on the hat (and maybe not the hat), another white brooch, which probably pinned at the base gate to shorten the neck and maintain its color white bag - all this gives the proportions of the body and gives the impression that the two images are superimposed with some displacement and even black bag looks like another bag. But the colar pants, a trendy this season, profitable emphasizes this kit.

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